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Urban elite accuse Indian government of failing to protect citizens’ right to life

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Today’s New York Times ran a story of an ‘extraordinary’ lawsuit being filed against the Indian government on behalf of the country’s elite.  In the wake of the Mumbai attacks, investment bankers, corporate lawyers and their ilk charge that the state has ‘lagged in its constitutional duty’ to protect citizens’ right to life.  India’s elite, who inhabit a world far removed from the insecurity and precariousness that defines everyday life for the nation’s urban poor, have been ‘politicized’:

Since the attacks, which killed 163 people, plus nine gunmen, there has been an outpouring of anger from unlikely quarters. On Wednesday, tens of thousands of urban, English-speaking, tank-top-wearing citizens stormed the Gateway of India, a famed waterfront monument, venting anger at their elected leaders. There were similar protests in the capital, New Delhi, and the southern technology hubs, Bangalore and Hyderabad. All were organized spontaneously, with word spread through text messages and Facebook pages.

An Indian actor, writing in The Hindustan Times in Mumbai, exposes the paradox confronting Indians today: “we overlook for now your neglect of the city. Its floods, its traffic, its filth, its pollution. Just deliver to us a world-standard antiterrorism plan.” Read the full article from the Hindustan Times here. The link to the New York Times piece is here.


Welcome to Geography 101!

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We will use this blog to post supplemental course material over the semester (not your required readings. You can find required readings here). Bookmark this page for links to newspaper articles, videos, writing tips, etc discussed in lecture or in your sections. The links on the right provide information on cities, planning, geography, current affairs and more. If you have suggestions for relevant links, please leave a comment below.